Patsy Mahoney Founder Of Patsys Candies

The Founder, Patsy Mahoney Immigrates To The USA


Patsy Sells His Popcorn Recipe To Cracker Jack & Moves To Colorado



Patsy Settles In Manitou Springs, CO And Grows His Business


2nd Ownership: The Osborne Fafmily Purchases Patsy’s Candies


3rd Ownership: The Niswonger Family Takes Over The Patsy’s Business


4th & Current Owner:
Diva Lauren Purchases Patsy’s Candies



I acquired Patsy’s, a company founded in 1901 by the charismatic Patsy Mahoney. Because of our core values, my promise to you is that we will continue to strive to craft and grow Patsy’s with integrity, pride and honesty for all that we do.


The Patsy’s Candies story is filled with adventure, and delights in bringing people together with high quality, handcrafted confections that span over 100 years in the making!
Our story begins in the late 1800s when an Irishman named Patsy Mahoney, immigrated to the USA on a dream. After perfecting his recipes for caramel and chocolate popcorn, Patsy knew he had achieved greatness, and he believed in following great opportunities.

“Every Golden Opportunity Deserves A Treat.”

Patsy Mahoney took a risk and struck gold. While he was in Manitou Springs, Colorado, he opened his first candy store at the foot of the Purple Mountain Majesty’s Pikes Peak. And, so began the legend of Patsy’s Candies, with chocolates and craft confections that are unparalleled in quality and flavor.

It wasn’t long before Patsy’s Candies became a favorite to all types of Rocky Mountain dwellers. His success could not possibly go unnoticed. In 1917, the business was sold to the Osborne family, and the time honored traditions and recipes were then passed to the new owners of Patsy’s.

After years of dedication and attention to detail, Patsy’s Candies built a reputation that attracted many visitors to Colorado. Their venture grew as a result, and a second store was opened in the Colorado Springs downtown district.

40 years later, in 1957, the Niswonger family took over and became the 3rd owners of Patsy’s. With the addition of many new products inspired by Belgian craftsmanship, Patsy’s Candies built a larger factory, with greater production capabilities.

The next step for the Patsy’s legacy has been in the works for some time now. Today, the factory and business is owned by Diva Lauren, an entrepreneur and visionary from Denver, Colorado. A unique set of personal circumstances became the motivating force behind Patsy’s Candies’ latest transfer in ownership. As of 2015, Diva has been building on the reputation and heritage of Patsy’s, in order to make national brand recognition a reality.

Our Production

Colorado Springs Cityscape

Our craft confections aren’t just known for their quality and flavor, they have grown as part of the community in Colorado Springs. Being established for over 100 years, we use industrial confection equipment made close to the turn of the century. That fact alone lends itself to some great expectations.

Here at Patsy’s, we believe in making candy that whispers of history and heritage. With confection recipes that have withstood the test of time, along with our arsenal of rare tools, our confections are made the way candy is supposed to be made. That means quality ingredients, and a history you can taste in every bite.

Our Mission

Patsy's Craft Confections

Our mission here at Patsy’s is to bring an excelling quality of production to the confections industry. We know that a quality end product means more to our customers than anything else, which is why we are excited to be launching our line across the USA. It is both our commitment and goal to never compromise the quality of our ingredients or method.

Patsy’s Candies is passionate about the community and supports local charitable causes. Being part of the environment in Colorado means we thrive together. It is this giving attitude and cheer that helps us to build lasting relationships with our vendors and customers.

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