Assorted Chocolates – Boxed

Patsys fine chocolate assortment.

Connoisseur’s Choice – 2lb. (1lb Assorted Chocolates, 1lb Mixed Nuts)

2lb. (1lb Assorted Chocolates, 1lb Nuts)

A full pound each of Patsys fine chocolates and fresh nuts. The perfect blend.
Patsy’s Connoisseur’s Choice collection is the perfect gift for gourmet candy-lovers.

Conoisseur's Choice 2lb

Connoisseur’s Choice – 2lb. (1lb Assorted Chocolates, 1lb Toffee)

A full pound each of fine handmade Chocolates and Rocky Mountain Almond Toffee.

Connoisseur’s Choice – 2lb. (1lb Chocolate, 8 oz Mixed Nuts, 8 oz Toffee)

A full pound of chocolate, a half pound of Rocky Mountain Almond Toffee and a half pound of Fresh Nuts.

Connoisseur’s Choice – 2lb. (2lb Assorted Chocolates)

2 pounds of Patsys gourmet Assorted Chocolates. Fine handmade chocolates make the perfect gift and luxurious treat.

Connoisseur’s Choice – 3lb. (1lb Chocolate, 1lb Mixed Nuts, 1lb Toffee)

The Ultimate gift for the gourmet chocolate lover. This gift box includes a full pound each Patsys fine handmade chocolates, Almond Toffee and Fresh Nuts. The perfect fine chocolate gift.


Patsy’s Pride of the Rockies Almond Toffee

Patsy's Pride of the Rockies Almond Toffee in various sized gift boxes.


Patsy’s Rocky Mountain Almond Toffee – By The Pound

A best seller at Patsy's for generations now, almond toffee available in bulk quantities.

Peanut Butter Nuggets – Boxed

Patsy’s Peanut Butter Nuggets are a winning combination of milk chocolate and peanut butter taken to exquisite extremes. The finest creamy, smooth, pure peanut butter fills luscious milk chocolate shells shaped like gold nuggets. Individually wrapped in gold foil.

Rosecup Mints Gift Box

Patsy’s Rosecup Mints gift box of solid chocolate mints.

Truffles – Boxed

Patsy’s truffles are nearly sinful. True chocolate truffles created in traditional Swiss style. We use the richest chocolates interlaced with heavy whipping cream to create a supremely smooth finish for the flavors inside. Amaretto, chocolate