If you find yourself at the base of Pike’s Peak with some spare time and a sweet tooth, a trip to Patsy’s Craft Confections will be well worth your while. Pop into the factory up on 21st street to see where the magic happens, or even check out the original flagship concession stand that still sits in the heart of downtown Manitou Springs. It’s true, the spirit of Patsy’s Craft Confections is ingrained in Colorado’s history, so the Patsy’s team puts their heart and soul into each and every piece they create. After all, we all love chocolate, but we also love a good story.

The original founder, Patsy Mahoney, made his way over to the United States from Ireland in the 1900s to build up his chocolate business. He settled in the heart of Manitou Springs, Colorado, which at the time was an established destination town nestled at the base of Pikes Peak with a wealth of natural healing mineral springs that drew in tourists from all over the country. That original Patsy’s chocolate shop still stands today, and bears the original red and white logo and awning that are hard to miss while you’re strolling down Manitou Avenue.


Since its establishment in 1901, Patsy’s has grown to include a factory in Colorado Springs with a string of passionate business and family-owners keeping Patsy Mahoney’s dream of opportunity, community, and a love of chocolate alive. Wes, Mike, and Si Niswonger still keep the factory humming in Colorado Springs, while the new owner Diva Lauren gets giggly and excited when she talks about all the new flavors she’s dreaming up for this year. “There is a certain bliss to be found when you experience quality chocolate for the first time,” she says. “Childhood is like that, and Patsy’s has a knack for bringing out the child in each and every one of us.”


So we at Patsy’s would like to offer you a warm welcome. Pasty’s Craft Confections is an invitation to experience, enjoy, and appreciate. Heritage is the heart of Patsy’s, and it’s what makes our creations our own. From toffee to popcorn to saltwater taffy to chocolate bars, everyone can treat themselves to a piece of Patsy’s pride and joy at the base of the Rocky Mountains.


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